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Wednesday a.m. Rangers things

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With Prince Fielder now off the market, the last significant bit of Rangers-related offseason drama is now over. Detroit gave Fielder the long-term $200+ million deal that Scott Boras was seeking, and the Rangers were clearly not going to get involved at that level.

T.R. Sullivan writes that with Fielder off the market, the Rangers' focus now will be on working on long-term extensions with their current players, with Josh Hamilton being the top priority.

Gil Lebreton has a column on Fielder and the Josh Hamilton contract situation, saying that 4 years and $72 million would be a good starting point for a Hamilton contract, with incentives based on games played that could raise the value of the deal.

Behind the paywall at the DMN, Gerry Fraley says that with Prince Fielder off the market, Josh Hamilton "has a hammer" and the Rangers have no leverage with him in contract negotiations.

Yu Darvish's goal is to be the best pitcher in the world.

Richard Durrett's positional outlook series continues today with a look at second base.