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Monday Morning Rangers Update

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Today Roy Oswalt will be out to impress Nolan Ryan with the size of steak he can eat.

Jeff Wilson writes about Oswalt meeting with the Rangers today and the questions Roy must answer before the Rangers would seriously consider signing him. Question No. 1 should be: "What do you have against Matt Harrison?"

Bob Nightengale has a report on the expanded playoff saga. Bud Selig is pretty adamant that the new playoff system will begin this season while the players association is growing concerned that scheduling issues might push it back until 2013. If only they would scrap this entire idea altogether.

Drew Davison gives us his five biggest winners and losers of the baseball off season.

Ken Rosenthal writes about the "Super Six" teams of the American League. Interestingly, he thinks the Angel's strength is their offensive depth.

Here's a segment of a DMN paywall'd Tim Cowlishaw article where he explains why the Tigers are now the team to beat in the American League.

Finally, Richard Durrett continues his positional outlook with a look at left field. This means he writes about Josh Hamilton with a dash of David Murphy.