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Rangers sign Ron Washington to two year contract extension

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Per Rangers' p.r. maven John Blake, the Rangers have signed Ron Washington to a two year contract extension, which runs through 2014.

Kind of amazing that the guy who some thought was going to be fired both early in the 2007 season and early in the 2008 season is not only still here, but seems like a near-lock to be the Rangers' manager at least through the end of this latest extension.

Ron Washington has the third longest tenure of any manager in Ranger history, and currently sports a 427-383 career record. He's in position to pass Johnny Oates for second on the Rangers' all-time games managed list in early May, 2013, and to pass Bobby Valentine atop the list in 2014.

I was long a Ron Washington doubter, and expressed my belief that Jon Daniels had screwed up his first managerial hire. I've come around on Washington, though, and I'm glad he's here managing the Rangers.