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Tuesday Morning Rangers Update

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Money laundering
Money laundering

Good morning. Here is what is out there today as we continue Oswalt Watch 2012:

Anthony Andro writes about Ron Washington agreeing to a new two-year contract extension. Located within is this enjoyable quote from Jon Daniels about Washington: "All baseball, all the time. No pretense. No BS."

On that front, Richard Durrett writes about the bond that has been forged between Daniels and Washington over the years.

Behind the DMN paywall, Evan Grant has a piece on how Washington's latest extension provides some stability that the Rangers have generally lacked.

Gerry Fraley updates us on the Oswalt situation and has a quote from Oswalt's agent saying Oswalt and the Rangers had a "very good meeting" yesterday. T.R. Sullivan writes that the meeting was "exploratory."

Sullivan also has a piece on as many as ten potential rotation options for the Rangers should they sign Oswalt. Sullivan gives his credentials, concerns, and outlook for each potential rotation member.'s Lyle Spencer runs down the teams that appear interested in Oswalt and writes that signing Oswalt would be about adding options for the Rangers.

Jeff Wilson has some notes about Washington's extension, the Oswalt meeting, and MLB changing some game times on the Rangers' schedule.

Finally, Durrett continues his positional outlook and focuses on center field today. Durrett concludes that center could be one of the more interesting positions to watch this spring.