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Padres trade Anthony Rizzo to Cubs

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This is one of those trades that will no doubt send fanbases everywhere (including Texas) into a frenzy of "why weren't we in on that??" anger...

The San Diego Padres have reportedly traded first baseman Anthony Rizzo and pitcher Zach Cates to the Chicago cubs for pitcher Andrew Cashner and outfielder Kyung-Min Na.

Cashner was the Cubs' first round draft pick (#19 overall) in the 2008 draft, and Rangers fans may remember him because he was out of TCU and supposedly had caught the eye of Nolan Ryan, leading to speculation that the Rangers might grab him with their first round pick, which they instead used on Justin Smoak.

Cashner throws hard, has pitched almost exclusively as a reliever in the majors, and missed a lot of time last season because of shoulder problems. The Padres are apparently going to be trying him as a starter, but regardless, this return seems awfully light for a guy who was considered one of the best first base prospects in the majors, unless his stint in the majors last season has the Padres convinced that Rizzo can't hack it in the majors.