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Saturday a.m. Rangers stuff

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We are adrift on a sea of rumors, some of which suggest the Rangers still have a level of interest in Prince Fielder and Ryan Madson. I still don't see the Rangers signing either one, but if a market doesn't develop for Fielder, at some point, does he consider, say, a one year, $25 million deal from some team, which would allow him to re-enter the free agent market next year, when the Dodgers and Mets could have new ownership and a need for a first baseman? And if so, wouldn't the Rangers -- with a home park seemingly made for him -- be an ideal landing spot for a season?

As for Madson, I don't think he's worth the money, and the Rangers already have a bunch of relievers, but that didn't keep the Rangers from chasing after Andrew Bailey.

In other, less interesting rumors, T.R. Sullivan writes that the Rangers have interest in Brad Hawpe as potential insurance for Mitch Moreland, should he not recover from surgery in time for Opening Day, or should his struggles from 2011 continue.

Evan Grant thinks that the Rangers are doing the right thing by hiring an "accountability partner" for Josh Hamilton, even though it is his father-in-law, although he wonders if this doesn't open up the possibility of others asking the Rangers to put family members on the payroll.

Frank Howard will be honored at the Rangers' Awards Banquet on Thursday with the Mark Holtz Alumni Award.