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Monday Morning Rangers Update

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Not much going down in Rangerville this morn'.

We're about a week away from the Yu Darvish deadline so I expect to see a lot of rumors and articles parsing the "will he/won't he sign" angle. That should keep us busy. For now, however, the baseball world is all lathered up about the Hall of Fame announcement coming later today.

Barry M. Bloom of has an article about MLB Network broadcasting the voting results and runs down the potential storylines. We'll to see who, if anyone, will join Ron Santo in the HOF Class of 2012 today at 1 p.m.

Behind the DMN paywall, Gerry Fraley writes about Juan Gonzalez potentially being dropped from the HOF ballot after today after being the "most honored and most enigmatic player in [Rangers] franchise history".

Finally, in case you were curious, you can find out who DMN writers Tim Cowlishaw, Gerry Fraley, Rick Gosselin* and Evan Grant voted for on their HOF ballots.

*Rick Gosselin has an MLB HOF vote?