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Holland claims his Twitter account was hacked

After an ugly comment was tweeted to a fan last night, Derek Holland claims his Twitter account was hacked

Jim Cowsert-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

Last night, a jackass fan on Twitter sent tweeted the following to Derek Holland:

Some fan, huh? However, someone from Holland's account replied back to him, tweeting, "ur a fag."

It was then deleted, but not before it was screencapped and started getting circulated around Twitter last night.

Derek Holland is claiming that his account was "hacked," that he was on the bench when it happened and that his girlfriend, Lauren, who has access to the phone, didn't do that.

It was during the game, so I don't believe Holland himself actually sent that. The idea that his account was "hacked," though, by someone who sent an ugly response to a trolling fan, and then deleted it? I'm not buying it. I get not wanting to throw his girlfriend under the bus, but claiming he was hacked is just silly.

This speaks to a bigger issue to me, though, in regards to the lack of civility people show. As I told "scubasteve" last night, if you saw Holland at the airport last night as he was heading to his flight, you wouldn't have gone up to him and said that.

But for whatever reason, people think its appropriate to tweet "you suck" at athletes who struggle, take personal shots at reporters they don't like, and otherwise act in a manner that is, at best, anti-social.

"scubasteve" caught flak from fans last night who called him out on his behavior, and decided to play the victim:

No, Steve, you didn't...but you did act like a jackass, and you deserve to be criticized for it.