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October 10 MLB Playoffs GDT

One year ago today--as a birthday present to me--Nelson Cruz hit a grand slam to win Game 2 of the 2011 ALCS. A year later, eight teams will play and none of them are the Rangers.

Rick Yeatts - Getty Images

Two Bay Area teams try to even their series while their opponents try to end their season. Washington and Baltimore try to get the upper-hand in their series against the hated Yankees and Cardinals. It's a full day of baseball. Here are the details:

12:07pm CT - MLBN

St. Louis at Washington - Series Tied 1-1

Chris Carpenter vs. Edwin Jackson


3:07pm CT - TBS

San Francisco at Cincinnati - CIN Leads Series 2-1

Barry Zito vs. Mat Latos (Mike Leake?)


6:37pm CT - TBS

Baltimore at New York - Series Tied 1-1

Miguel Gonzalez vs. Hiroki Kuroda


8:37pm CT - TNT

Detroit at Oakland - DET Leads Series 2-1

Max Scherzer vs. A.J. Griffin