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Wendesday Morning Refractory Period

Hey, guys, I just got my Rangers 2012 ALDS tickets!

Tim Heitman-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

Well, it's the time of year for autopsies of the 2012 Rangers. Put on your rubber gloves, wipe some menthol under your nostrils, and prepare to wait six to eight weeks for the toxicology report.

Anthony Andro says there are plenty of questions left unanswered for the Rangers, though he doesn't mention my unanswered questions which are "WTF?!" and "Seriously, man, WTF?!" In an attempt to answer those questions, Jon Daniels and crew held a press conference yesterday. The answer to all of the above appears to be "I don't know." Andro also has Ron Washington's reactions to the Ranger collapse, which include the fact that he should have rested his players more.

Jeff Wilson tell us that the Rangers' offer to Josh Hamilton will likely consist of best wishes in his future endeavors, though Josh says he would "love to stay here." Among others likely to bid us a fond farewell is Mike Adams, who says that he will be making a business decision about where to pitch next year. Drew Davison compiled the FWST's noteson the Jon Daniels and Co press conference.

T.R. Sullivan also has a lengthy piece about Josh Hamilton being able to play anywhere he wants next year as long as it isn't Texas, and an expansive and quote filled piece on Ron Washington not making excuses about the team going home early. Wash says he's always eager to apply things he's learned, so long as the things he's learned do not involve benching Michael Young or decreased win expectancy from bunting his two-hole hitter.

Jon Daniels sent a message that the major league coaching staff will likely see some changes, according to Evan Grant, who also has a post with his observations from the end-of-season press conference.

Richard Durrett is doing a multi-part retrospective on the 2012 Rangers season, with the late offseason timeline here.

Finally, Don Larsen's jersey from his 1956 World Series perfect game is being auctioned off as part of Larsen's effort to provide for his grandchildren's education. Withe the 2013 free agent decisions looming large, it's interesting to note that players from the iron-clad reserve clause era were in a financial league orders of magnitude away from current players.