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Grant and Fraley talk Rangers on the Ticket

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Evan Grant and Gerry Fraley were talking Rangers on the Ticket this morning

Tim Heitman-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

Evan Grant and Gerry Fraley were on the Ticket this morning talking Rangers, and poster GhostofSteveFoucault put together this summary of what they each had to say:

-Thinks team was tired and just gave out – maybe as early as August
-Wash managed the team without looking at the big picture – seriously erred by not resting players
-Sincerely believes the dipping issue affected Josh (sited other players who struggled with the withdrawal)
-Josh – longshot is Colorado b/c of the Christian atmosphere in the clubhouse – another landing spot could be Toronto
-Believes they should deal Elvis – most trade value
-Wash totally misused Profar by not playing him more – Profar brought energy to the team and Wash missed an opportunity by not playing him
-If Hamilton is gone, they need to change style back to aggressive baserunning and small-ball rather than reverting to the 90s Rangers like they did this season
-Believes Ogando needs to go back to the rotation – thought it was dumb that they put him back in the BP

-Believes Cruz is traded – Kins to RF, Profar to 2b, keep Andrus at SS
-Believes that the plug will be pulled on MY if he gets off to a slow start
-Thinks they need to pull Kins from the leadoff spot
-Listening to the press conference, he thought is sounded like the FO and Wash knew they made a lot of mistakes – presser showed that they are now back on the same page
-Thinks Josh ends up in Baltimore
-Thinks Napoli signs a 1 year deal
-Thinks Holland is dealt in the offseason