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October 11 MLB Playoffs GDT

Another full day of baseball happens whether we like it or not.

Jim McIsaac - Getty Images

We're in some serious danger of seeing Cardinals vs. Giants and Yankees vs. Tigers or A's. None of that sounds appealing at all. Let's go teams less awful than more awful teams I like less!

Here are the details:

12:07pm CT - TBS

San Francisco at Cincinnati - Series Tied 2-2

Matt Cain vs. Mat Latos


3:07pm CT - TBS

St. Louis at Washington - STL Leads Series 2-1

Kyle Lohse vs. Ross Detwiler


6:37pm CT - TBS

Baltimore at New York - NYY Leads Series 2-1

Joe Saunders vs. Phil Hughes


8:37pm CT - TNT

Detroit at Oakland - Series Tied 2-2

Justin Verlander vs. Jarrod Parker