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Thursday Morning Links

At least Oakland is making someone else miserable now.

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Not a lot out there this morning.

Randy Galloway continues in his quest to convince me to forgive this team completely and without reservation with a meandering and directionless column that may or may not be about how Ron Washington shouldn't take the blame for the players (who are a bunch of Chokey McChokersons). Randy Galloway writes like dementia patients make love... that being with lots of false starts and confused side trips before absentmindedly wandering off without any resolution.

In a turn of phrase that irritates me even more than "nut-flexing," Galloway apparently checked his thesaurus for an alternative to "choke" and came up with "gag," as in: "Benching veterans to play rookies in September made absolutely no sense, at least not until the hindsight of veterans gagging." And that perplexing usage of "gagging" is only one of five or six things wrong with that sentence.

The A's staged a remarkable ninth inning rally to force a game five against the Tigers, which leaves me feeling conflicted because I want Brandon McCarthy to get a World Series ring and the rest of the Oakland club to be devoured by bears. The Yankees did Yankee-ings to Baltimore last night, so the Orioles need to win tomorrow to force a game 5. And something happened in the National League games, but who cares?

T.R. Sullivan says that Josh Hamilton was nominated for the Hank Aaron Award.

Gerry Fraley has a post about the remarkable number of times Ian Kinsler and Elvis Andrus were picked off this season.

Richard Durrett, in a bit of angels-on-the-head-of-a-pin omphaloskepsis, is doing a series of posts on Josh Hamilton and free agency as it relates to the Rangers. Here's the most recent, which is on Josh Hamilton's plate production. He's also doing a series of posts recapping the season in timeline form, the most recent of which covers spring training.

Finally, here's a short film about a fugitive cyborg in Bangkok that is kind of neat. A little bit of Bladerunner, a little bit of Total Recall-style cheese.

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