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Monday Morning Rangers Update

It's another quiet morning in Rangers land. At least we have the MLB playoffs to keep us busy, right?

Cooper Neill - Getty Images

With DFW sports world busy watching the Cowboys do nothing to satisfy our sports aches and pains, not much is going on in the world of Rangers news. In a couple of weeks the postseason will be finished and we can fire up the hot stove.

First up, Richard Durrett has the first installment of his "Texas Ten" series where he plans to explore the top ten issues facing the Rangers this offseason. Up first: What to do with Michael Young.

Jared Diamond of the Wall Street Journal writes an article titled "The Texas Rangers Are Still Playing (Sort of)" about the fact that there were more former Texas Rangers on rosters of the division series teams than any other team in baseball. I don't know if that makes me feel better or worse. Though Diamond begins his article by wondering if the Rangers aren't actually playing right now because they "got rid of the wrong players." Yes, Jared, surely the Rangers are aching to have Joaquin Arias, Clay Rapada, and Taylor Teagarden back...

P.S. Here's the only comment on that article as of the moment I am writing this:

Frank Anderson Wrote:

This is the work of boy genius daniels who almost destroyed the rangers before Nolan Ryan stepped in to put a stop to his stupid decisions.

Lastly for today, Gerry Fraley writes that both of the Rangers' 2012 utility infielders--Luis Hernandez and Alberto Gonzalez--have rejected an outright assignment and have elected for free agency. I liked Bert but he was no Andres Blanco. I could never mentally distinguish Hernandez from Luis Martinez. However, now when they sign with Cleveland this winter and the Indians surprise and make the playoffs in the weak AL Central, we'll know who Frank Anderson will blame.