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Tuesday Morning Rangers Update

So far the worst part of offseason writing on LSB is that the photos available on SB Nation for the Rangers begins with page after page of photos of Rangers' losses. Way to rub it in every morning, Presswire.

Tim Heitman-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

Today we have a couple of doughy pieces from Richard Durrett sandwiched between a meaty post from Joey Matschulat.

Durrett writes part two of his "Texas Ten" series with the focus today being on the rotation in 2013. Durrett notes that as of this moment, the Rangers have Yu Darvish, Matt Harrison, and Derek Holland in their rotation. After that, there's a whole lot of question marks. When will Colby Lewis be back? Will Neftali Feliz come back in the bullpen when he's healthy? Will Alexi Ogando make the switch back to starter or will Robbie Ross slide into the rotation from the 'pen? Is Martin Perez ready? Will the Rangers sign a free agent starter? Does Nolan Ryan wince when his phone rings and he sees it is Roy Oswalt's number on the caller ID?

Following the conclusion of the Josh Hamilton saga, and how the Rangers will counter him leaving should he not re-sign, I'm personally most interested in seeing what the Rangers do with the rotation this winter.

Joey Matches has a list of items he's been pondering over the ten days since the Rangers last played a game. Of interest: Joey tackles the issue of framing, poor umpiring, and/or the combination of the two, Nolan's recent verbal condemnation of Hamilton, and a study on the maddening inconsistencies of Holland.

Lastly, wouldn't you like to relive the moment your childhood dog died? Or maybe the first time you had your heart broken? Then, afterward, you can watch Blue Valentine, Dancer in the Dark, and Grave of the Fireflies. Or better yet, you can read where Durrett finished his 2012 Rangers timeline feature by taking a look back on the months of August and September in Arlington. There's some October sprinkled in there at the end, as well. A memory of the last gasps of a near-dead friend. Mortal after all.