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Thursday Morning Links

Long Dark Teatime of the Soul edition

Ronald Martinez

Tyler Tufts, the guy that was added to the 40 and put on the DL for postseason roster flexibility, was activated from the DL and outrighted to AAA today. His picture makes me think he is a fan of whatever people that are too young to listen to Nickelback are fans of if they would have been fans of Nickelback 10 years ago. Probably club music. I also bet he wears really long shorts.

Evan Grant weighs in on the potential changes to the coaching staff hinted at in the end of season press conference, and focuses on Scott Coolbaugh as the target of the most speculation. If you want to relive some bad memories, Evan mentions Phil Nevin as a potential Coolbaugh replacement.

Gerry Fraley says that Neal Cotts agreed to a minor league contract and will likely be with the club in the spring as an NRI. Fraley also tells us that left-hander Chad Bell was roughed up in his Dominican Winter League start and that Leonys Martin has homered in two straight games.

Richard Durrett continues his Texas Ten series by asking if Alexi Ogando should start, to which I think the answer is "sure, if the alternative is picking up Scott Feldman's option."

Finally, I stumbled across this SBN article on the National Horseshoe Championship while looking for something else. It's actually pretty compelling.