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Wednesday A.M. Links

Are you ready to talk Josh Hamilton free agency destinations? Because we've got a solid three months of it lined up.

Jamie Squire

You know what sucks about the end of the Rangers' season? Besides the obvious, I mean? Instead of Rangers7, there are 11 year old girls calling to ask me if the Papa John's promotional Taylor Swift CD is the deluxe album or the regular version. Taylor Swift makes me feel not so bad about leaving a horrible budget deficit for the next generation.

Jeff Wilson has breaking news...! The Rangers are going to have a new look next season. Surprise! No, actually, he talks about the same stuff that's been batted around since October 5, that being Josh Hamilton, Kinsler in the outfield, Justin Upton, and so on.

If you're looking for an inflammatory distraction to manage your hundred million dollar organization, Ozzie Guillen is now available. Also, I've heard good things about the forward-thinking people skills of a nest of angry Japanese hornets or honey badgers, so there's three solid choices for your next management hire.

T.R. Sullivan says the Rangers may be looking at the Blue Jays as potential trade partners for catching help, mentioning J.P. Arencibia as a potential fit. The current MLB catchers really make a guy miss the steroid era.

Gerry Fraley tells us that Alexei Ogando, Mitch Moreland and Craig Gentry all missed the cutoff for service time to be eligible for arbitration this offseason.

Richard Durrett continues his Texas Ten by asking "What About First Base?" The answer to that question, of course, is and always will be Zombie Blalock.