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2012 LSB .gif of the Year Vote

We've rounded up the contenders, now we'll watch the best .gifs slug it out at 6 frames per second to determine the top .gif of the 2012 season.

Remember when Claw and Antlers was still a thing?
Remember when Claw and Antlers was still a thing?
Stephen Dunn

.gifs don't stop just because the Rangers did. Why, just this week we've added Dancin' Otani to the repertoire:


Two weeks ago I asked for help compiling the best .gifs of the season from the community. The poll has closed and a few more LSBers submitted their top .gifs in the comments. For the final round, I've kept a few of my own in the mix that were well received and have added a couple each from two talented Lone Star Ball .gif wizards: DFWTrojanTuba and adawk91. Those fellas delivered on some classic .gifs this season and it would be unfair to crown a best .gif without considering their efforts.

I thought of doing this as a seeded tournament but there's no need to drag it out really. May the best .gif win regardless of perceived seed, I say. I'll list the top .gifs as determined by Lone Star Ball and we'll vote on the one we feel is the very best.

Without further adieu and in secret special proprietary order, your top .gif contenders:

Elvis Trolls Beltre


Pizza Dong


Beltre's Eventual Smile


Sit The F Down


That Drunk Guy


Raptor Jesus Yu Darvish


Gauche Torii


(Unlike his Miami Heat) Napoli Can't Handle Thunder


So there you have it. Please vote for your favorite below. I'll leave the poll open until Nov. 1 and we'll crown our top .gif of 2012. If you have .gifs that you liked from this season that were not included in this poll, please post them in the comments so we can enjoy them all over again.

Onward you admirers of frames and comrades for a quality crop.


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