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Heyman: Brewers considering Josh Hamilton

Jon Heyman writes that the Milwaukee Brewers are "seriously considering" making a strong play for Ranger free agent outfielder Josh Hamilton

Layne Murdoch

Jon Heyman has an interesting story up, indicating that the Milwaukee Brewers are "seriously considering a run" at Ranger free agent outfielder Josh Hamilton.

Heyman writes that the Brewers feel that Milwaukee would be a good market for Hamilton, and also notes that Johnny Narron, who had been Hamilton's caretaker for a number of years with the Rangers, is now the Brewers' batting coach.

Milwaukee is an interesting option, and while they are locked in to Ryan Braun through 2020, he's not terribly expensive just yet, being owed $38.5 million through 2015. As Heyman notes, if a team like the Yankees or Angels decide that they absolutely have to have Hamilton, the Brewers aren't going to be able to bid at that sort of level, but if the heavy hitters pass on Hamilton, and the Rangers continue to be lukewarm at best about bringing him back, Milwaukee could end up being the "surprise team" that lands Hamilton.