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More Changes to Rangers Ballpark in Arlington

Rangers Ballpark in Arlington is undergoing more renovation and revamping this offseason

The Ballpark in Arlington
The Ballpark in Arlington

There is more work being done at Rangers Ballpark in Arlington this offseason, with more changes to the layout.

Anthony Andro and Richard Durrett each have stories detailing what all is being done, but the big changes are less foul ground (as the dugouts are being embiggened and more seats added down front) and an opening in the stadium behind the home plate area.

The addition of the Cuervo Club (re-named the Capital One Club for the coming season) a while back sealed off that opening and has been blamed for causing the jet stream that can make balls carry to right field. There's some thought that restoring an opening back in that area might alleviate that issue, and make the Ballpark a little less hitter-friendly.