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Adrian Beltre wins his 4th Gold Glove

Rangers third baseman Adrian Beltre wins his 4th Gold Glove Award, while nominees Elvis Andrus and David Murphy fall short

Adrian Beltre, Gold Glove Winner
Adrian Beltre, Gold Glove Winner
Rick Yeatts

Adrian Beltre is the 2012 Gold Glove third baseman in the American League, taking home the award for the fourth time in his career, and the second straight year.

The Rangers had three players among the finalists at their respective positions -- Beltre, David Murphy (at left field), and Elvis Andrus (at shortstop). Murphy lost out to the Kansas City Royals' Alex Gordon, and Andrus lost to the Baltimore Orioles' J.J. Hardy.

The complete list of winners:

Catcher -- Matt Wieters, Yadier Molina

First Base -- Mark Teixeira, Adam LaRoche

Second Base -- Robinson Cano, Darwin Barney

Third Base -- Adrian Beltre, Chase Headley

Shortstop -- J.J. Hardy, Jimmy Rollins

Left Field -- Alex Gordon, Carlos Gonzalez

Center Field -- Adam Jones, Andrew McCutcheon

Right Field -- Josh Reddick, Jason Heyward

Pitcher -- Jake Peavy, Mark Buehrle