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Wednesday A.M. Links

The end of Feldmania? We'll always have the memories.


Over at the Star-Telegram, which Adam likes to call the Startlegram because he's a corny old man, we have a column on the news from yesterday, wondering if the improvements at the ballpark will affect the jet stream, Feldman's unsurprising free agency, and Adrian Beltre's second straight Gold Glove. Beltre pulled the lever on the Crash Davis Random Cliche Generator and said, "I don't see myself as that good. I just want to help my team win and help my teammates." No, actually, Mike Olt might have been the author of that quote, not Crash Davis.

T.R. Sullivan also has a post about Beltre's Gold Glove, On his injured gut, Beltre says "Hopefully I won't have anymore problems with the stomach, and if I do, it will just be a little bit," which is a well-crafted ambiguous prognosis if I've ever heard one. Sullivan also writes about the Ranges' declining the 2013 options on Scott Feldman and sacrificial lamb Yoshinori Tateyama and what he terms the "fan-friendly" renovations at The Ballpark.

Gerry Fraley says that Leury Garcia has been slumping since Sunday in the Dominican Winter League. Fraley also says the pitchers will be the losers when The Ballpark renovations are completed, as 400 square feet of foul territory will be removed from play, though he backs up this assertion by stating that he wasn't able to ascertain how many of Rangers' opponents' 16 foul pops to catcher were caught in foul territory that will no longer be in play next season. Cold hard evidence and reason, thy name is Fraley.

Richard Durrett, in reflecting on Beltre's second Gold Glove as a Ranger, calls him the best third baseman the franchise has ever had. Durrett also continues his series of 10 most memorable moments of the 2012 season with number 8, the debut of the son of Judeska and Chesmond.

Finally, here's The Sound of Cylons.