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2012 Guess the Home Attendance Contest Results

Before the season began Adam made a quick contest to have posters guess the 2012 Rangers Attendance.

Ronald Martinez - Getty Images

Now that the season is complete, we have final attendance numbers and know the winner of this crucial attendance guessing contest from this thread back in April.

The winner:


Congratulations on your guess of 3,453,120 which was the closest to the actual attendance of 3,460,280. The prize was a front page post recognizing... enjoy it well. May you live forever in the Halls of Attendance Guessing. Here is a spreadsheet with everyone's guesses and difference from the actual result.

Attendance increased by 513,331 over 2011's figure of 2,946,949. The increases each year have been:

  • 2012: 513,331 / 6,337 per game
  • 2011: 441,778 / 5,454 per game
  • 2010: 349,155 / 4,311 per game
The 2009 total attendance was 2,156,016, 1.3 million fans less than this year.