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ESPN Predicts the MLB Playoffs

28 various members of ESPN's baseball writing community have submitted their predictions for the 2012 Major League Baseball playoffs. The results are not favorable to the Rangers, but remember, most of these people thought the Angels were going to win it all this year.

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Here's a link to ESPN's full predictions.

First, the good (?) news: 22 of the 28 prognosticators believe the Rangers will defeat the Baltimore Orioles tonight. All six who do not believe the Rangers will win also do not think the Orioles will advance past the mighty Yankees in the ALDS. So, surely the Rangers are just whatever it is lambs eat to the lambs that the Yankees will eventually slaughter in the minds of some ESPN Wizards. Wizards such as Adam Rubin of ESPN New York who picks the Orioles so that they may lay down an easier path for his Yankees to steamroll their way to his World Series victory prediction of New York over Washington in six games.

Now, the bad (?) news: Of the 22 writers who think the Rangers will win tonight, only four believe the Rangers will then move on an defeat the Yankees in the ALDS.

But possibly some okay news? Of those four, two have the Rangers defeating the Detroit Tigers in the ALCS. Of those two, one has the Rangers winning the World Series. That one is Gordon Edes of ESPN Boston. Gordon Edes seems like a very wise sort of fella, if you ask me. The other writer who likes the Rangers to win their third consecutive American League title is Eric Karabell whom then believes the Rangers will fall to the Giants--again--in the World Series in six games.

The overall numbers have writers predicting the Yankees reaching the World Series 13 times, the Tigers 11 times, the A's twice and the Rangers twice. In the NL, nine writers pick the Reds to reach the World Series, eight pick the Nationals, seven pick the Giants, three pick the Braves, and one writer likes the Cardinals to return to the World Series.

The World Series winners are even less of a consensus with six picks for the Yankees and Tigers, five picks for the Giants and Nationals, four picks for the Reds, and one writer each picking the A's and our Rangers.

So what are your playoff predictions? Remember, there's never a penalty for being wrong or a reward for being right.