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National League Wild Card Game GDT

It's Kris Medlen and the Atlanta Braves vs Kyle Lohse and the defending World Series Champion St. Louis Cardinals in the National League version of Bud Selig's Wild Card Russian Roulette.

Dilip Vishwanat - Getty Images

Sure, it's the National League, but it gives us something to do until the Rangers game starts later tonight.

The Braves haven't lost a game that Kris Medlen started since May of 2010. Since Medlen wasn't a regular member of the Braves' rotation until mid-season of this year, that now spans 23 starts. Maybe that doesn't sound as impressive since it is spread out over a couple of years of spot starts until full-fledged rotation membership, but it's a major league record. When Medlen starts a game, the Braves don't lose.

Now the Braves can't lose. If they do, they're done. Atlanta has a chance to get a measure of revenge against the Cardinals for taking their Wild Card spot last season and riding it all the way to the World Series. The winner of this game will face Washington beginning on Sunday.

Let's get the jitters out watching these two teams play chicken before it is our turn. This game, like Rangers/Orioles is on TBS.