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Wild Card PGT - The Ship Sinks

"If the ship sinks with Michael Young, I'll still be on it." - Ron Washington, Aug 14, 2012

Ronald Martinez - Getty Images

And there he is. The ship sank. Washington currently floats on an ocean of failure. It wasn't just Michael Young tonight, either. Josh Hamilton practically had real estate brochures in hand as he "played" tonight looking ready to get the hell out of dodge. Washington himself handed the Orioles their third run in the 7th when he gave up on Yu Darvish for an absurd lefty-lefty match-up with Derek Holland when he could have gone with Koji Uehara, or, heaven forbid, left Darvish in as he was rolling with only 91 pitches thrown.

And this is what is left for us. The bitter taste of a game where the Rangers scored one run against Joe Saunders and the Orioles. That is our reward for 180 plus days of following this team. Yu Darvish deserved far better than this tonight. He was great. Adrian Beltre deserved far better than this, this season. He remains an amazing privilege to watch. We deserved better than this. Baseball rarely cares.

The slide to oblivion is complete. The next time we see the Rangers play they will be a very, very different team. Maybe that's a good thing. But there are too few good things about baseball right now.