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Joey Matches and the 1,369 Word Wake

Joey Matschulat over at Baseball Time in Arlington has pondered in electronic ink the dreadful the end of the 2012 Texas Rangers season. Just for his effort of having to do so, it's worth our time.

Tim Heitman-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

The Morning After.

Joey summarizes thusly:

I'm just sorry that this current crop of guys couldn't manage to get it done, and that yet another year has come and gone without that most ambitious of baseball dreams being satisfied.

After sleeping on it, that is maybe what stings the most. It isn't knowing Oakland and Detroit and Cincinnati and San Francisco will be playing baseball tonight while the Rangers will not; it's knowing that changes are coming. And it is obvious that changes are needed. But changes are coming to a group that I've loved and will always cherish as an era of Rangers baseball. But this is how they went out.

The most current memory that we will have with them was this slide. A Josh Hamilton Texas Rangers team will not win the World Series. Or potentially a Michael Young Texas Rangers team will not win a World Series. Or, slim as it may be, a Texas Rangers team led by Ron Washington very well may never win a World Series. It's possible an Elvis Andrus Texas Rangers team will not win a World Series, either, and that hurts.