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Sunday Morning Rangers Update

I guess it's time to deal with this.

Tim Heitman-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

Baseball teams played baseball yesterday but the Rangers were not among them. It's still a bummer. Has everyone elevated MLB Trade Rumors to the top of their bookmarks? Time to move to our winter home.

Speaking of MLBTR, Zach Links (ha!) has a collection of Twitter-based news items on the Rangers. Mike Adams is planning on exploring free agency but would like to return and Alexi Ogando hopes to return to the rotation in 2013.

From that post, there's this article from Richard Justice as the first of what will be hundreds of "the difficult Josh Hamilton decision" articles that we'll read this offseason.

Tim MacMahon writes about Hamilton sending mixed free agency signals in what seems likely to be his final postgame interview as a Texas Ranger.

Jeff Wilson essentially sets up what looks to be a hectic offseason with a rundown of the issues facing the Rangers as we go kicking and screaming into hot stove mode.

T.R. Sullivan writes more on the interesting offseason facing the Rangers. This excerpt seems to nail the real challenge facing the front office:

The Rangers' approach to Hamilton may go beyond money. The bigger question may be a philosophical one. Do the Rangers spend big dollars trying to reload for one more run with the group they have, or is it time to start transitioning to a new and younger group?

I honestly don't know which way I feel the Rangers should go yet.

Anthony Andro also writes about the impending winter of our discontent.

Behind the DMN paywall, Evan Grant writes that an unhappy Nolan Ryan also foresees changes for 2013.

On the depression front, Christian Corona has an article with a bunch of quotes from a bunch of Texas Rangers with the word "disappointed" spoken a bunch of times.

Lastly, Gil LeBreton writes that the Rangers' youth was not served and the veterans dragged the 2012 season down.