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The Rangers Year-End Press Conference

Nolan Ryan, Jon Daniels, and Ron Washington fielded questions at the Rangers' year-end press conference today

Cooper Neill - Getty Images

Nolan Ryan, Jon Daniels, and Ron Washington talked to the media today at the Rangers' year-end press conference, discussing the 2012 season and the upcoming 2012-13 offseason.

The major points from today include the news that the Rangers aren't going to make an offer to free agent outfielder Josh Hamilton during the three week period during which the Rangers have exclusive negotiating rights to him. They aren't going to "close the door" to Hamilton returning, but their plan is for him to go out and test the market, and then let him come back and let them know what it would take to keep him here.

Ron Washington said that his one regret from the regular season was that he didn't rest his regulars more, a common lament among fans in light of the lifeless way the team finished the year.

When asked about Michael Young, Wash apparently deflected the question and let Jon Daniels answer, with Daniels being noncommittal in regards to Young's role in 2013.

Washington also said that the Rangers trust in Ian Kinsler and believe he'll rebound in 2013 after a disappointing 2012 campaign.