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Thursday A.M. Links

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Kansas City Royals seek to prove that crappy pitchers are the new market inefficiency.

Jason Miller

So it came out yesterday that Ervin Santana had been traded to the Royals for LHP Brandon Sisk and cash, as we learned yesterday. The Star-Telegram has a transactions column talking about it, along with some other news from around the league, including that the Pirates apparently discovered that Rod Barajas sucks approximately eight years after we did.

Over at the DMN, Gerry Fraley tells us that Chris McGuinness will be the sole Ranger representative in the Arizona Fall League all-star game, and that left-hander Jimmy Reyes has had six consecutive appearances without allowing an earned run.

Richard Durrett continues his series on ten memorable 2012 moments, though I'm going to throw a penalty flag for this one as it isn't one moment but the abstraction of "Adrian Beltre's September heroics." Durrett also tries his hand at penning a Buddhist koan, asking where Profar will play in 2013.

Have you ever wondered who would win in a fight between Homo sapiens and a Neanderthal? The author of the linked piece seems to think Homo sapiens would have the advantage, but the reasons he cites are also reasons we would have the advantage fighting against a chimpanzee. Experience shows that the fight goes to the species that has no compunctions about ripping your genitals off or eating your face. Advantage: Neanderthals. I think.