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Pettis now the Rangers' 3B coach, Anderson 1B coach

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The Rangers are flip-flopping their base coaches for the 2013 season

Gary Pettis, now the Rangers' third base coach
Gary Pettis, now the Rangers' third base coach

Per the various Rangers beat writers on Twitter, the Rangers have announced that all of the team's coaching staff for the 2012 season will be returning for 2013, other than 2012 hitting coach Scott Coolbaugh, who is being replaced by new hitting coach Dave Magadan.

However, the team is flip-flopping the base coaches for 2013. Dave Anderson, who has been the Rangers' third base coach since Matt Walbeck's departure after the 2008 season, will now be the team's first base coach, while Gary Pettis, the Rangers' first base coach, will take over the third base coaching duties.

The reason given was that the team thinks the Rangers will "benefit from Pettis' base running expertise" at third base. Pettis is the team's baserunning coach, and so this swap does make sense.

Anderson has come under criticism from Rangers fans the past few years, although I don't know that any of us as fans really have any idea whether Anderson is a good third base coach or not. I've also noticed that fans of most teams seem to think their third base coach makes bad decisions, and I suspect that Pettis will end up being criticized just as much as Anderson was, and as much as most other teams' third base coaches are.