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Rangers TV, Radio Teams Returning

The Rangers are bringing back Steve Busby, Tom Grieve, Eric Nadel, and Matt Hicks for their television and radio broadcasts in 2013

Tom Grieve is coming back next year
Tom Grieve is coming back next year

Richard Durrett has a blog post up saying that the Rangers are bringing back the same TV and radio broadcast teams that they ended the 2012 season with.

That means that Steve Busby will be doing the play-by-play on TV, while Tom Grieve does the color, and Eric Nadel and Matt Hicks will do the radio broadcasts.

Dave Barnett had been the Rangers' play-by-play man on TV in 2012 until the bizarre "henchmen" incident, which resulted in him leaving the broadcast team to be evaluated.

Busby, who had been doing radio with Nadel, stepped in at that time to take Barnett's place, with Hicks replacing Busby on the radio side.