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Rangers lose out on Hyun-Jin bidding

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The Los Angeles Dodgers had the high bid for Korean pitcher Ryu Hyun-Jin

At least we still have Yu
At least we still have Yu
David Banks

As was mentioned in the morning links post, the Texas Rangers lost out on the bidding for Korean lefthanded pitcher Ryu Hyun-Jin.

Jin, who was being posted by his Korean league team, much like Yu Darvish was posted last season, was a pitcher the Rangers were interested in, and they reportedly made a significant bid for the rights to negotiate with him. However, the Los Angeles Dodgers won the bidding with a bid of roughly $25.75 million. The Dodgers now have thirty days to negotiate with Jin, and if a deal can be worked out, he will be Dodger property. Otherwise, his rights will revert to his team in Korea.