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Tuesday Morning Rangers Update

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Someday soon Torii Hunter could be a Texas Ranger.

Emphasis on "Gross"
Emphasis on "Gross"
Jeff Gross

The word from DKnobs himself says the Rangers were rebuffed by Atlanta when trying to snatch their Elvis Andrus second coming Andrelton Simmons. The Rangers were dangling Mike Olt for the shortstop with hopes of parlaying him to Arizona for Justin Upton. No dice.

With that glimpse into the mind of Jon Daniels out of the way, T.R. Sullivan writes about how the Rangers have a lot on their plate, as far as building their roster goes this winter, and the hardest part of all may just be prioritizing.

Anthony Andro writes about Yu Darvish finishing third behind Yoenis Cespedes and Mike "Mickey Henderson Cobb" Trout in the Rookie of the Year voting. I take a little bit of umbrage with Darvish sliding to third but it's hard to get too worked up when your candidate had no actual chance of winning regardless.

Richard Durrett has the latest on the Mike Napoli sweepstakes. The reserve of available catchers this winter is nearly as thin as the Rangers current depth chart at catcher and now things are beginning to heat up a little on the Napoli front. It seems Boston has thrown their hat in the ring with several other teams interested. Napoli is saying all the things you'd want to hear about returning but it's going to come down to money as it always does.

Scott Miller writes a similar article on Torii Hunter who sounds like his pursuit for a new team won't take him terribly long. The Angels look like they're out with the Tigers and Rangers as apparent favorites. Yuck.

Sullivan has a couple of notes with one being that the Rangers have signed a bunch of people (Neal Cotts, catcher Juan Apodaca, pitcher Yonata Ortega and outfielders Aaron Cunningham and Jim Adduci) to minor league contracts. All five have been invited to spring training. The other item is that Adrian Beltre was awarded the Platinum Glove for a consecutive year as the American League's best overall defender.

Lastly, Joey Matches posts a video of Jurickson Profar's walk-off dong in the Dominican League on Sunday night. It's pretty cool.