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Wednesday A.M. Things

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Hey, man, this is what I do...
Hey, man, this is what I do...
Layne Murdoch

Good news for the female Ranger bandwaggoners who own pink Hamilton shirseys because he is the only player they can identify, and only then if he's wearing whipped cream.... Richard Durrett quotes Jim Bowden as saying that the Rangers are the best fit for Hamilton. Remember that girlfriend of yours who slashed three of your tires? You're the best potential boyfriend for her, so why don't you take her back? No? Can you give me her number?

Warmed by the loving caress of Tepid Participation's gaze, Engel Beltre was named player of the week in the Dominican Winter League. We have to get our Engel Beltre love from an alternate source now, because Beltre is 57 in Brett Perryman years.

In honor of Veterans' Day, here's the story of Smoky, a Yorkshire Terrier found in, of all places, the Pacific Theater during World War II.