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Friday morning Rangers stuff

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Friday morning Rangers news and links

Ian Kinsler is willing to change positions
Ian Kinsler is willing to change positions

And the offseason slowly creeps forward, day by day...

Anthony Andro writes about Ian Kinsler's willingness to change positions, if the Rangers want him to, as well as what Kinsler is doing to give back to the community during the holidays.

Jeff Wilson has a story on the status of negotiations between Josh Hamilton and the Rangers, Kinsler's willingness to change positions, and the Rangers playing an exhibition game in San Antonio this spring.

Gerry Fraley also has a blog post about Kinsler, although it has the typical Fraley spin:

Kinsler balked at the first baseball question.

“To be honest with you, I’m not really here to talk about baseball,” Kinsler said. “Sorry. … Baseball’s really not on my mind right now.”

Kinsler could be trying to forget his dreadful season.

He had career-lows in on-base percentage at .326 and OPS at .749 and a career-high for strikeouts with 90. He also led major-league second basemen in errors with 18.

Kinsler was a major figure in the Rangers’ late collapse. He hit only .207 with a .276 on-base percentage and .623 OPS for the final month of the regular season. Kinsler scored only 14 runs in 30 games.

Kinsler has not commented since the end of the season. Unlike teammates such as Josh Hamilton, MIke Napoli and Michael Young, Kinsler did not appear in the locker room to answer questions following the loss to Baltimore in the wild-card “knockout” game.

I'm starting to believe that when writers talk about players being leaders and good in the locker room, that's code for "talks to us and gives us quotes after games."

Randy Galloway has a column on the Rangers' offseason and players the Rangers are interested in, mentioning that Torii Hunter was scheduled to meet with the Rangers this week before he cancelled because of his deal with Detroit, and also talking about Zack Greinke, who he describes as having a "six figure pricetag" (I think he means nine figure).

Richard Durrett points at Russell Martin as someone the Rangers might look at to help fill their hole at catcher.