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Friday morning Rangers things

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Friday morning Rangers news and links

Its all about the Yu
Its all about the Yu
Jamie Squire


Ken Rosenthal writes that the Rangers have expressed "serious interest" in free agent DH David Ortiz. Ortiz is expected to re-sign with Boston, but the Rangers are in a position to make a competitive bid for Ortiz, and he would help lessen the blow of losing Josh Hamilton.

Joey Matches talks about the issues involved with signing Ortiz, and in particular, looks at the potential ramifications for Michael Young.

Jeff Wilson has a story at the S-T that talks about the decision to make Gary Pettis the third base coach and Dave Anderson the first base coach, the return of the broadcasting teams from last season, and the claiming of Konrad Schmidt on waivers.

Richard Durrett continues his memorable moments from 2012 series, and at #6, he has Yu Darvish's debut.

Lyle Spencer writes that Josh Hamilton and Torii Hunter are among the top free agents available this offseason.

Mike Bauman writes about the risk vs. reward dilemma that Hamilton presents.