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Tuesday Morning Rangers Update

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Your daily dose of articles about how this Rangers are front-runners for every free agent/trade target.

"And then they suggested trading me..."
"And then they suggested trading me..."
Ronald Martinez

A domino will surely fall one of these days...

Anthony Castrovince leads us off today with the latest article about how the Rangers have tons of options this offseason and how they will likely strike with a move no one saw coming because that's just how the Rangers do.

Richard Durrett kicks around a hypothetical trade for Felix Hernandez. I believe the proposal here from Durrett is Jurickson Profar, Nelson Cruz, one of Derek Holland or Matt Harrison, and two of Martin Perez/Justin Grimm/Cody Buckel.

I...I think Felix Hernandez is one of the best pitchers on the planet but man is that a trade that I would not do.

Speaking of trade proposals, Jim Bowden writes an ESPN Insider article wherein he proposes five potential trades that he thinks could land Justin Upton on a new team. Bowden suggests first that the Rangers could offer Profar or Elvis Andrus, but seeing as they aren't willing to do that, Bowden then proposes a Mike Olt plus Martin Perez for Upton swap.

I imagine that if Olt and Perez were all it would take to acquire Upton, the deal would already be done. Durrett seems to agree.

Gerry Fraley notes that the Rangers have until 10:59 PM tonight to set their 40-man roster and protect eligible players from being available in December's Rule 5 draft. The Rangers currently have 34 players on their roster and, as always, the 40 man trumps all.

Finally, have you voted for your Texas Rangers in the Major League Baseball GIBBYs awards, yet?