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Wednesday A.M. Links

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Wherein I make sweet, sweet link-love to your eyeholes

Cooper Neill

Tired of your Facebook feed being filled with some trendy nonsense where people list something they're thankful for every day? You won't find that crap here.

Richard Durrett tells us that Casey Affleck will write and direct the upcoming biopic about Josh Hamilton, apparently as part of the Affleck family's ongoing campaign to make me miserable.

The Geovany Soto trade has been reworked, with the Rangers sending Barrett Loux to the Cubs in exchange for Jake Brigham. Brigham only made two starts in the Cubs' organization before going down with an elbow injury, and the Rangers realize that pitchers with elbow injuries are the new market inefficiency.

Brigham was also added to the 40 man roster, along with infielder Leury Garcia and LHP Joe Ortiz, putting the current 40 man roster at 38. Wilfredo Boscan wasn't added to the 40 but has continued a torrid campaign in the Venezuelan winter league, raising his ERA to 0.83 after a one-run, 5.1 inning outing last night.

Richard Durrett links to a Buster Olney piece lamenting, sort of, the skyrocketing value of prospects, and quoting an unnamed GM (who may or may not be trying to trade Justin Upton) as saying "They're still prospects." Says Olney: "Twenty years ago, most teams probably would've swapped a young, unproven minor leaguer such as Jurickson Profar for an established star such as Justin Upton without hesitating." Not noted in the Buster Olney piece is that that in 1992 (twenty years ago), the largest contract inked by average annual value was Barry Bonds, at $7,290,000 ($11,509,337 in 2011 dollars). The five highest paid players in 2012 were Alex Roadriguez ($30M, 2.2 WAR in 2012), Vernon Wells ($24M, 0.6 WAR), Johan Santana ($23M, 1.1 WAR), Mark Teixeira ($23M, 2.9 WAR), and CC Sabathia ($23M, 4.8 WAR), totaling $123,000,000.00. In 1998, the highest Opening Day team payroll was Baltimore, at $71,860,921 ($98,413,624 in 2011 dollars), and the median was St. Louis at $44,000,000 ($60,258,000). So, in summary, no, Buster Olney, teams do not value young, cost-controlled potential superstars "too highly."

Durett also notes Matt Harrison being named the Rangers' 2012 Pitcher of the Year, and calls adding Leury Garcia to the 40 man an "obvious choice."

Jeff Wilson says the organization is prioritizing signing Matt Harrison to an extension.

Anthony Castrovince says that the Rangers' calling card is playing things close to the vest, and then completely validates that thesis by penning a lengthy, speculating piece about the Rangers' offseason in which the most definitive statement of intent by the front office is "Lotta ways we can go."

Finally, it appears that the Mars Science Laboratory has located Dr. Manhattan's spinning clockwork palace on Mars. As we get ready for Thanksgiving, remember: "You are life, rarer than a quark and unpredictable beyond the dreams of Heisenberg; the clay in which the forces that shape all things leave their fingerprints most clearly."