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Friday A.M. Things

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And Cahill wins the "why didn't Ben do the morning links" prize


Happy Black Friday, everyone.

Fabio Castillo has done what young live arms sometimes do, which is to not reach his potential and leave the organization. As a retrospective, here's a fanpost by Zywica back in 2008 where he picked Castillo as his choice for the organization's headline pitching prospect. The attached poll is interesting... Michael Main was the top vote-getter for "headline prospect." Matt Harrison received 8 votes (7 of which were probably JBI), Feliz got 20, and Tommy Hunter got 4.

T.R. Sullivan has a story about Ian Kinsler and family serving Thanksgiving dinner at a Dallas homeless shelter, wherein we learn that Kinsler drove past an ostrich ranch on the way to his family Thanksgivings and dreamed of stopping there but never got the chance. The moral of the story, I think, is that if you're driving to San Antonio and your kids want to stop at the Snake Farm, for the love of God, go ahead and do it.

Mark Buehrle says that the Miami Marlins are a bunch of lying liars that won't stop lying. Many of us have had employers like that, Mark.

As an olive branch to Adam for forgetting to do the morning links yesterday, and in hopes that he will stop beating the soles of my feet with iron rods for the transgression, here's a spirited defense of his favorite founding father.