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Monday Morning Rangers Update

Drifting along with the tumbling tumbleweeds...

It's Anthony Andro
It's Anthony Andro
Matthew Emmons-US PRESSWIRE

There's not much to write about today regarding the Texas Rangers and baseball news.

Sure, Jeff Wilson writes that Mike Napoli will meet with the Rangers this week.

And Evan Drellich of notes that Napoli has already met the Seattle Mariners & Boston Red Sox and might soon choose between those two teams and the Rangers.

And Gerry Fraley is here to inform us that Jurickson Profar's Dominican League's manager was fired perhaps in part because Profar is hitting .188.

But it's so very quiet otherwise.

So, uh...


There's what Zack Greinke would look like as a Texas Ranger. But since Greinke is likely going to get Cole Hamels+ money, and seeing as how that is couch cushion change for the Dodgers now, and when you consider that the Angels need Greinke because their current rotation has Brad Mills in it, I'm not sure it is very likely that we will have use for that dot jaypeg.