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Monday afternoon linkaliciousness

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Various and sundry links for your Monday afternoon reading pleasure

Josh Hamilton, Texas Ranger?
Josh Hamilton, Texas Ranger?
Jamie Squire

Some linkiness for you...

Jim Bowden has a piece on five free agents who he thinks are undervalued, with one of those being Koji Uehara...

Jeff Sullivan has a writeup at FanGraphs about Mike Napoli...

Rob Neyer has a piece on how the Dodgers' new TV deal impacts the MLB landscape, and in particular, small market teams...

Richard Justice has a column on Zack Greinke and Josh Hamilton, and how their free agency situations are going to drive the market this offseason.

MLB Daily Dish has an analysis of the Evan Longoria extension.

Behind the paywall, BA has a story on Joey Gallo, and how happy the Rangers are with him.

Buster Olney asked executives where Josh Hamilton would end up, and a plurality of them said the Rangers, with the majority picking either the Rangers or the Brewers. I'm coming back around to thinking that there's a pretty decent chance Hamilton is a Ranger in 2013.