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Braves, B.J. Upton reach an agreement on a contract

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B.J. Upton and the Atlanta Braves have reportedly reached an agreement on a contract

B.J. Upton.  Not a Ranger.
B.J. Upton. Not a Ranger.
Al Messerschmidt

Per various reports on Twitter, the Atlanta Braves have reached an agreement with B.J. Upton on a contract pending his passing his physical.

No information is available as I'm typing this post about the terms of the contract, but the general consensus was that he'd end up with a five year deal at $12-14 million per year.

The Rangers were reportedly interested in Upton, although it isn't clear how serious that interest was. The reports from earlier this week indicated that the Braves and the Philadelphia Phillies were the finalists, along with a possible Mystery Team. In any case, the Rangers aren't getting B.J. Upton.

UPDATE -- Bob Nightengale is saying on Twitter that the deal is 5 years at $14-15 million per year, making it worth $70-75 million overall.

UPDATE II -- The money ends up being $75.5 million over 5 years.