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OT: Something Weird Messing With My Head

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This may not make sense

Streeter Lecka

So, I'm sitting here at home, and decided to play the Its Always Sunny Christmas episode that has been on the DVR for a few days.

During a commercial, I happen to glance up and see that there's a comedian named "Kyle Kinane" who has a special they are advertising.

I've never heard of him. I ignore the commercial and go on.

I decide about five minutes later to go check on Karl (DadBoner). I don't follow him on Twitter...rather, every few days, I go to his page and see what he's tweeted.

So I scroll down, get caught up on his carnal action with MegaButtcheeks, and then read this:

It kind of boggles my mind. This isn't the first time this sort of thing has happened to me, of course, and I've heard others talk about it.

But it still is kind of freaky when someone/something I've never heard of before passes in passing through my mind, then re-appears from a completely different place.