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Saturday a.m. Rangers stuff

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Saturday morning Rangers news and links

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Mike Napoli, Free Agent
Mike Napoli, Free Agent
Layne Murdoch

Still scratching my head over the decision by the Rangers not to offer Mike Napoli a qualifying offer. $13.5 million for one year of Napoli doesn't seem like a bad deal at all, assuming he accepted such an offer, which I think he probably wouldn't.

T.R. Sullivan has a story about the Rangers' decision to not offer qualifying offers to any of their free agents other than Josh Hamilton, as well as talking about teams that could be in the market for Hamilton, and players that the Rangers could look to sign to replace Hamilton.

Anthony Andro has a story about the decision not to offer a qualifying offer to Napoli, and to move Alexi Ogando back into the rotation.

Jeff Wilson also has a story about the qualifying offers made and not made, and the move of Ogando into the rotation.

Richard Durrett talks about why the Rangers didn't make a qualifying offer to Napoli.

The fact that the Rangers wouldn't make a qualifying offer at $13.3 million to Napoli, given that Jon Daniels has acknowledged that its a bad market for catching, and given that the Rangers offered Napoli a three year, $38 million extension last offseason (which means they were apparently willing to pay him $14 million per for 2013 and 2014),* makes me wonder what happened in 2012 to change the Rangers' perception of Napoli. Was it just the weaker offensive performance? Did they come to the conclusion that his defense behind the plate wasn't that good after all? Is it concerns about his ability to stay healthy?

* Yes, if you divide $38 million by 3 you get $12.667 million per year. However, Napoli was going to get $9-10 million in arbitration in 2012, so a 3 year, $38 million deal means they'd pay him $9-10 million in 2012 and $14 million and change in 2013 and 2014.

Evan Grant has a blog post up about Alexi Ogando moving into the rotation, and mentions Jonathan Broxton as a possible bullpen target for the Rangers.

Richard Durrett writes that putting Ogando in the rotation makes sense.

My preference would probably be for Ogando to stay in the bullpen, as I question whether he can succeed as a starter long-term, given that he's basically a two-pitch pitcher. However, it isn't something that I feel real strongly I'm right about.

And finally, Dan Haren's option was not exercised by the Angels, and he is now a free agent.