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Rangers non-tender Soto, Brigham, Snyder

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The Rangers non-tendered Geovany Soto, Jacob Brigham, and Brandon Snyder

Geovany Soto.  Not a Ranger.
Geovany Soto. Not a Ranger.

The Rangers have failed to reach an agreement on a contract with catcher Geovany Soto, and as a result, have non-tendered him. Soto is now a free agent, although the beat writers on Twitter are saying the Rangers still hope to re-sign him.

The Rangers have also non-tendered newly re-acquired pitcher Jacob Brigham and third baseman Brandon Snyder. Neither player was arbitration eligible; however, non-tendering the players allows the Rangers to avoid putting them through waivers and making it possible for another team to put a claim in on them. I wouldn't be surprised if Brigham and Snyder were signed to minor league deals in the next couple of days.

The non-tendering of Brigham is interesting because the Rangers had just re-acquired him from the Cubs. He had been sent to the Cubs for Soto at the trade deadline. The Cubs then sent Brigham back to Texas for Barret Loux.

The Rangers' 40 man roster is now at 36.