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Monday Morning Rangers Update

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Good morning, dear readers.

So tired of seeing this photo, you guys
So tired of seeing this photo, you guys

Did you enjoy the Cowboys making an effort last night? Are you excited about the election tomorrow? How about that Walking Dead episode with those zombies and drama and stuff?

As we heard a few days ago, a source dropped it to John Perrotto of Baseball Prospectus that Josh Hamilton is asking for $175MM over seven seasons in free agency. The DMN has a post up discussing those numbers and concludes that should Hamilton find a team willing to go to those terms, it obviously won't be the Rangers.

Matt Mosley writes that we should get used to the idea that Hamilton won't be back next season. I think most Lone Star Ballers have already come to terms with this. If the Rangers could get Hamilton back at a reasonable rate for minimal years, I think most folks would be good with that. The problem is, that's not going to happen, and we've known this for like two years now.

Lastly, because it is pretty slow right now, Gerry Fraley has an update on new catcher waiver pickup Konrad Schmidt not hitting well in the Dominican League. But, sure, don't give Mike Napoli a qualifying offer.

And that's it for this morning. I hope you are having a fulfilling autumn.