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New 11/5/12 T.R. Sullivan Inbox Column

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T.R. Sullivan has a new Inbox column up

Jurickson.  JurickSOON?  JurickNOW?
Jurickson. JurickSOON? JurickNOW?
Jayne Kamin-Oncea-US PRESSWIRE

T.R. Sullivan has a new Inbox column up...

Lots of stuff on this one, including B.J. Upton, Joakim Soria, Francisco Liriano, the possibility of Torii Hunter, David Murphy and Leonys Martin sharing time in centerfield, why the Rangers don't leave Jurickson Profar or Mike Olt in AAA next year, why the Rangers don't make Olt an outfielder, the future of Mike Napoli, and other things...

Check it out...