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2012 LSB .gif of the Year

They went toe to toe and frame to frame but the top .gif of 2012 has been crowned.

Doug Pensinger

On the 25th of October we voted for our favorite .gif of the year and with a total of 55% of the vote, Elvis Trolls Beltre has been crowned the 2012 LSB .gif of the Year:


It was the bottom of the 8th inning of an eventual 4-1 Rangers win against the Houston Astros -- in what was the final series in Houston of the Rangers/Astros Interleague Sliver Boot series -- when this play happened. This game was also notable as the last game Neftali Feliz would pitch in 2012.

The play in question came when Carlos Lee popped up a 3-2 Koji Uehara pitch toward deep third base. Being the otherworldly and gifted defensive third baseman Adrian Beltre is, Beltre called off Elvis Andrus from venturing into his domain from shortstop to make this routine play.

I have an idea that Andrus never actually intended to catch this ball but only came over to bother Beltre like a kid brother who flounces around in sing-song about his older brother having a girl he likes.

That .gif is 98 frames of why we're in for a treat every time these two grace the left side of the infield together.

Our runner up was:


Mike Napoli fleeing from thunder.

Beltre's Eventual smile rounded out the top three:


It was a banner year for Beltre .gifs. But then again, when isn't it?

So there you have it. Our top .gifs of the year. But of all the .gifs we shared in these posts, I have not shared all of the .gifs I enjoyed. Here are a few more .gifs from 2012 that didn't make the cut but were still pretty rad:

From the But Wait There's More Beltre division, here's Beltre and Napoli being bros:


From the Who Knew Mike Napoli Was So .gif-able? division:


From the You Can't Have Best .gifs Without an Elvis Play, Jim Knox Segment, and a Tarp Slide division:




From the Captain is a Dick division:


From the One Last Time to Laugh at an Anaheim Angel division:


From the Something For The Ladies division:


And, finally, from the Our Fearless Leader division:


Thanks to everyone who enjoyed another year of my favorite bitmap image format and file extension, the Graphics Interchange Format.


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