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An Offseason Question

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Given unlimited power, which one player would you personally most like to see the Texas Rangers acquire this offseason?

Is this the face of a Texas Rangers Christmas Miracle?
Is this the face of a Texas Rangers Christmas Miracle?
Kevork Djansezian

Richard Durrett thinks that the Rangers should want Zack Greinke. Richard Durrett thinks that the Rangers need Zack Greinke. And by golly, if Richard Durrett had his way, Zack Greinke would need and want the Rangers too.

So this is the question:

There's a big present under your Hot Stove Christmas tree; which one player, via trade or free agency, do you most hope to see when you unwrap that bad boy? Which one player replaces the sugar-plums in the offseason dance in your head?

I'm with Richard Durrett. I demand only the biggest and best gifts from my baseball front office parents to show me that they love me. I want Bob Simpson Claus to deliver me Zack Greinke even if that keeps his elves working overtime and maybe maxes out the credit cards.


Make it so.

I also hope the Angels or A's find a large lump of Jose Valverde in their stocking hung by the chimney with care.


P.S. Julio Borbon has been traded.


But, as Gerry Fraley notes, he's been traded from Escogido to Licey in the Dominican League. Calm down, Julio.